Perhaps you have decided to do a remodel, and you wonder how much a new garage door cost. You want to learn the cost to factor it into your plan. One of the essential and overlooked parts of the home, the garage door affects the overall style of your house. Because of this, you want to choose a door carefully.

Pricing Varies

On average, the national cost of a new garage door cost will clock out at around $1,068, but you could pay anywhere from $730 to $1,422. That takes installation and the new garage door cost into consideration. Usually, you won’t see a service provider that posts the prices because they like to advise their clients ahead of time. In addition, they can look into some of the concerns that you might have.

Most of the time, they will dispatch a technician to look at the garage and give an estimate. They will consider the subtle things that have an impact, and they will look at what will look the best for your home. While you have an average of what you could potentially pay, you could pay up to $4,232 for a higher end garage doors repair. It depends on the quality of your home. In some cases, you want to pay more because of how it will look off to have a cheaper garage door on an expensive home. You can’t underestimate resale value.

In general, the bigger the garage door bought, the higher the cost. If you have a bigger garage, you can expect your pricing on the higher end of the spectrum.

New Garage Door Cost


You can buy garage doors in a number of different materials. Every material will come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the potential materials include:

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Steel

  • Faux wood

  • Aluminum

  • Fiberglass

  • Copper

  • Glass

When you go to buy a garage door, consider the R-value. A higher R-value is better because of how it saves you on energy costs. It will save you cash for when your electric bill comes, and you will get a return on the value of your garage door.


You can buy a wooden new garage door cost in a series of styles, and some of the styles will give you awesome curb appeal. This material does, however, require a lot of maintenance because wood rotting is a real issue with these doors.


Vinyl garage doors don’t require too much for maintenance. In addition, you can’t dent or break them as easily as some of the other choices. The downside comes from the limited color choices, and the material can get costly. Vinyl can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,600.

Steel Garage Door

Steel garage doors have the advantage of price on their side. You can pay anywhere from $750 up to $3,000, depending on your individual needs. Along with new garage door cost, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance, and you can buy these doors in a number of styles and with or without insulation. However, steel garage doors dent easily.

Faux Wood

Faux wood or wood composite garage doors give you the advantage of painting and staining the door. In addition, this door won’t rot or split like with wooden garage doors. The disadvantage comes from cost and a need for high maintenance. These doors cost anywhere from $750 up to $6,100.

Aluminum Garage Door

You have long-lasting finishes with aluminum, and it resembles steel but costs less. With aluminum, you have a high chance of it denting easily even more than steel. Aluminum garage doors will cost you between $700 and $2,000.


Fiberglass has a huge advantage of not rusting. You can also paint fiberglass, and it resists dents and feels more lightweight. The variety of design options also works well for this style. The biggest con comes from how this material breaks easily, and it doesn’t work well in colder climates like in Philadelphia.


The greatest advantage of a copper garage door comes from its longevity, and requires a minimal level of maintenance. You can also withstand long-term wear and tear. Not to mention, copper garage doors look highly appealing aesthetically. The downside is that copper will age over time from the weather, first turning brown and eventually green.

Garage Door Glass

They designed glass garage doors with the intentions of complementing a modern home. Most people say that curb appeal becomes one of the key advantages. These doors spruce up the look and feel of your home. It sports class and elegance. In addition, it adds some natural lighting to your garage, and you can new garage door cost the glass in different tints. The biggest disadvantage comes from the cost. You will pay an average of $1,500, but it can easily skyrocket to $4,500. Some people avoid this choice because of its potential vulnerabilities to burglars. Nevertheless, this depends on the tint. We’d typically recommend a darker tint with this choice.

Garage Door Near Me

As you can see, a garage door will differ in new garage door cost based on what you have chosen for it. The style, garage door type, R-value and materials chosen will all play a role in the cost. In general, it will average you around $1,068, but this depends on a number of factors. If you’d like to learn more, contact Star Solutions Garage Doorin Jenktown, PA. We can help you to find a garage door that will put the confidence in your step. Not to mention, we can help you to add the personal touch to your garage door.

Dented Garage Door


If you have a large dent in your garage door, you will most likely have to replace it. This can cost you around $75 for a basic repair, but it can cost you anywhere from $150 to $400 total if you have to replace a panel. Steel and aluminumdon’t require much maintainance, but they do dent easily. It could suffer a dent for any number of reasons, such as a bike bumps the door, or you have a basketball that bounces off the dented garage door.

Garage Door Drive Openers

No matter what type of garage door drive openers that you choose, it will perform the same actions, but you might be wondering which garage door drive openers to choose. Should you choose the belt drive, or should you choose the chain drive? Maybe the screw drive or the jackshaft drive? Some of the ways that the they will differ include how they get built, their strength and amount of noise emitted. If you’d like to learn more, please check us out at Star Solutions Garage Door in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.