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You are at the right place in finding the best commercial locksmith in Philadelphia. Locksmith near me is a commercial locksmith and we will be able to provide you with options that will leave your property better protected.



Auto locksmith in Philadelphia, Stars Locksmith offers the assistance that you need when you need help with your important auto locks and keys. There are many reasons why you may need an auto locksmith in Philadelphia.


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Stars Locksmith Philadelphia has been in business for years and it’s about making sure your home and business are protectedFeel free to call us if you are interested in a hassle-free consultation, completely free of charge.

We hope you make the right choice and call us when you need locksmith services for your home, auto and commercial locksmith.

Residential Locksmith Services

If you are looking for a residential locksmith in Philadelphia, then we understand that it is important for you to hire the absolute best one around. It is our hope that you will make the right choice and call us when you require the solutions of a residential locksmith in Philadelphia.

Residential Locksmith Philadelphia


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The significant benefit of deadbolts is that they provide a high-security level in your residential house. You achieve this by ensuring that door are hard for any unauthorized person to enter. Double cylinder deadbolts are the safest option for the homeowner. However, many homeowners prefer single cylinder deadbolts locks.

Emergency Services

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Stars Locksmith Philadelphia provides 24/7 emergency locksmith services in Philadelphia area. We provide you with the immediate assistance that you require whenever an unexpected situation comes up. Whether they need residential locksmiths, auto, or commercial solutions, we are here to serve your needs.

Locks Changes

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Sometimes, a lock change is the only thing that can give you a free of mind. Stars Locksmith will make sure that your locks are changed out whenever they are not fully serving their purpose. Whether your locks were tampered with or you are concerned about who has access to them, Stars Locksmith Philadelphia can assist you.

Rekey Locks

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If you don’t feel safe because someone has a copy of your key that shouldn’t, we can rekey your locks for you or provide you with a lock change altogether. It is our job to help you to stay protected.

Lock Installation

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In a matter of minutes the old locks can be replaced and the new ones installed. The average person will not even be aware that the change has been made. In just a few minutes the danger of an angry or vindictive former partner entering your property uninvited or unannounced can be eliminated. Change Your Locks. An experienced locksmith can have the entire job done in under an hour.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you have a lot of people coming in and out of the building on a regular basis, you need to be safe. You must have high security locks to keep unwanted people away at all hours of the day and night. Even if you’re not so much concerned about theft, what about the convenience? Stars Locksmith Philadelphia are experts in commercial solutions and can help you with all these things.

Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia
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Forget your keys? No problem. Need to unlock the door to let in a friend or service provider? Easy peasy. Forgot to lock the door before heading into bed? Don’t you worry. The best smart locks will handle any of these scenarios with ease (and an app).

With a smart lock at your door, you can manage all of that with an easy voice command or the tap of a button, offering you security, convenience, automation and peace of mind.

Intercom Systems

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Modern intercom systems do so much more than simply allow you to screen who’s at the door or gate without having to open it. You can also monitor selected rooms in your house, stream music, open your door or gate remotely and even keep an eye on the kids. 

Master Key Systems

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In the master key system, a parent key – the masterkey – unlocks all cylinders of the entire building. However, each cylinder will also have its own differ key which will be used by the person who works in that particular room or office.

Stars Locksmith Phiadelphia offers a wide range of master key solutions to address the varying needs of different business sectors and their unique environments.


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High security padlocks are manufactured with the most resistant materials on the market, with the most secure opening and closing mechanisms. At Stars Locksmith Philadelphia we have a wide range of products to help with your security needs.

Cabinet Locks

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Cabinet locks are highly useful security solutions that are ideal for use in the home or commercial spaces, providing reliable protection against the theft, unauthorised access or unwanted interference of valuable items, breakable delicates or confidential material. 

Auto Locksmith Services

Auto locksmith in Philadelphia, Stars Locksmith offers the assistance you need when you need help with your important auto locks and keys. Stars Locksmith Philadelphia technicians are licensed and professional so they will help you without causing any damage to your car.

Auto Locksmith Philadelphia

Car Lockouts

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Locked out of your car? Maybe you are on your way to the movies or maybe you are just going home. Either way getting locked out of your car is a hassle you were not anticipating. Whether you lock your keys in the car or just plain lost them we can help you get back in your vehicle and back on the road.

Car Key Replacement

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Have you lost your car keys? Would you like a reliable spare for emergencies? Need a remote for a family member? We’ve got you covered! From the latest smart keys and remote head keys to transponder keys and keyless entry remotes, Stars Locksmith Philadelphia offer the largest selection in the industry.

Trunk Lockouts

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Keys locked in trunk? Our mobile locksmiths can reach you in 30 min to unlock your trunk for you on-the-spot! Call us today and one of our auto locksmith philadelphia specialists will gladly help you get back into your car or trunk without damaging any parts of your vehicle.

Key Duplications

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Stars Locksmith Philadelphia employ experienced staff and use state of the art equipment for key duplication services. When you contact us, our mobile team will be directed to your location, and they will offer fast and efficient key duplication services.

We are a fast and reliable locksmith services company in the Philadelphia area.

Broken Key Extraction

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We are experts in what we do, and provide broken key extraction services for all types of locks. Including automotive keys, home keys, and business keys. Call Stars Locksmith Philadelphia today (215) 353-5151.

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