If you have a rollup door in the garage, there’s a huge spring that hangs just above the assembly. Referred to as the torsion spring, this part takes on the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers several times a day. It makes sense that the spring will fail at some point. The tension involved is extreme, especially with garage doors weighing 200 pounds or more. Learn what to do if the torsion spring fails so that everyone is calm and collected.

What to do if the Torsion Spring Fails

There are practical reasons why a garage doors springs replacement would break though none of them seem to be O.K. First, wear and tear. Either the spring was made from poor metal or the quality of the garage door spring was weak. A torsion spring operates on spring tension and when the spring cannot withstand the tension then the spring usually gives.

This kind of break of a tension spring is normally a problem in large industrial garage doors that need to withstand repeated high amounts of tension thousands of times a year. Secondly, as mentioned earlier if the amount of tension found in each garage door springs on the door is in an unbalanced state then this may be a cause of the spring breaking sooner than it would under normal conditions.

Garage Doors Springs Replacement

When the springs on your garage doors springs replacement are damaged in some way, the use of your garage door may become very difficult or even impossible. The items that are currently in the garage, including your car and other essential items, may remain trapped inside the garage. If the springs broke and left the garage door openers, the security of all garage contents may be at risk.

You can see how important your door’s springs are and how critical it is to let a skilled repair professional tackle this project for you. If you believe that your springs are broken or if you are not sure why your garage door is not working properly, we are available to help. We provide a fast response, competitive rates and quality work, so contact us today for the repair work that your garage door needs.

Garage Door Springs

When a garage doors springs replacement maintenance issue arises and the homeowner doesn’t have the DIY knowledge or skills to repair the garage door it is safer to call in the experts than to put someone in the family at risk of being harmed or hurt. If it is critical that you need to access your garage or your car, then many professional garage door repair have 24 emergency services, since they understand being locked out of a garage or needing to get in is essential to hoe safety and would respond as needed.

Lastly, a garage door repair expert has all the tools and experience to repair any type of garage door and you can have confidence in their professional help when a garage door need arises.

Avoid Panic

Failed spring in your garage produces a loud bang when it finally snaps. On carriage-style doors, there are relatively small springs that line up vertically along the sides. Torsion springs are much larger, however. They’re confined within a housing so that a break doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding environment.

You’ll hear a loud “bang” when the torsion spring fails. Don’t panic when you hear this sound. It’s startling so carefully look in the garage after the sound occurs. The spring may look bent or even cracked. Every failure produces a different reaction.

Inspect the Garage Door Springs

Older properties have garage door springs that are stretched in a vertical position on either side of the opening. Take a look at these springs when they’re in a relaxed position. Examine them for these features, such as:

Broken spring sections

• Garage doors springs replacement

• Bent components

Continue with the garage door maintenance inspection by activating the garage door openers. The garage doors springs replacement should be stretched now. Approach them with caution. Verify if anything looks unusual, such as an imbalance between the sides. If you notice any issues with your residential springs, work with professionals on a solution. These springs are under constant pressure.

Ask About the Torsion Springs

From rollup to carriage garage doors, every opening has unique mechanisms to move the heavy objects. You might be familiar with a modern part called the torsion spring. This large spring hangs above your door in a horizontal position. It pulls your door up and down through high tension cables.

This spring has a relatively short lifespan of around seven years. Don’t attempt to perform your own garage door repair in this instance. These garage doors springs replacement are even more difficult to install when compared to the old-fashioned, vertical designs. A local professional can install the spring and adjust the cables as necessary when garage door maintenance.

Many Stories of Injury

Unfortunately, you have many stories of broken garage door springs that injured someone. Only after they suffered an injury did they call us. We hope that it doesn’t require broken garage door spring before you call.

Our experts have the tools and understanding to work on extension springs safely. Luckily, you don’t have to replace garage door springs often. Having a technician replace a garage door spring costs anywhere from $100 to $300, but you will feel grateful that you didn’t risk an injury.


Contact the Professionals

Contact garage doors springs replacement specialists who understand torsion springs. Modern doors have this construction, which requires training and experience on the part of the service personnel. Professionals who’re unfamiliar with torsion springs may not have the tools or technique to safely install the new assembly.

The best way to ensure a safe repair is by hiring the company that installed the door. They’ll be familiar with the model, parts and your physical property. Remember that you won’t be able to use the garage until the spring is replaced. Any items within the space, including vehicles, will have to wait for the professionals.

Garage Door Broken Springs

Broken springs are a common problem on many garage doors. Garage doors springs replacement and repairing it can be dangerous for do-it-yourselfers. Garage door spring are under a great deal of tension. When it comes to broken garage doors springs replacement, the team of professionals at Star Solutions Garage Door have the training, years of experience and all the right tools to quickly, safely and easily remove the broken springs from any brand of garage door.

Local Garage Door Expert

If you have any concerns about garage door repair, contact Star Solutions Garage Door today. Our staff is thrilled to answer your questions and schedule appointments. Put your household and family first so that the door is always safe to let you in and out of the property.

Garage Door Cable Snapped

Never postpone repairs after the garage door cable snaps. The longer you wait, the more the damages can add up. Garage doors have cables on each side to lift and lower the garage door. Over time, wear and tear can take their toll. If you see fraying cables, you may want to replace them before they snap. Having the cables snap always feels traumatic because it makes a loud noise. Dealing with them before they snap keeps you from having a scare.