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Most of us come and go; in and out of our garages, time and again; scarcely thinking about our garage door openers. We expect them to work properly, and as long as they do, we are fine. It's when our opener systems fail that we tend to take notice and panic! Fortunately, WAYNE has fast and sure-fire answers to all of your garage door opener issues. Whether your opener needs expert repair, or professional replacement, our opener technicians have the solutions that you need and want.

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Obviously if your garage door opener is not working at all, it will need service. Additionally, WAYNE offers these helpful tips to help you determine if your opener needs servicing or replacement:

  • Your opener is already 10 to 15 years old
  • Your opener model has been recalled
  • The manufacturer of your opener is no longer in business
  • There are no photoelectric safety eyes on your opener
  • Your opener still works, but its performance is poor
  • The company that makes your opener is being sued for faulty opener performance

Additionally, your opener might work just fine, but you would like to upgrade to a newer, more advanced type or model. Whatever the reason, WAYNE is your best source for high quality, affordably priced, garage door opener service and installation.

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Our skilled WAYNE garage door opener technicians can install and service all four types of the most popular and in-demand opener models on the market today. These include the jackshaft, screw drive, chain drive and belt drive models. These different types of models each have their own unique characteristics and benefits ranging from all weather use, wall mounted convenience, back-up power sources, whisper quiet operation, rugged dependability and many other features. Our friendly and always helpful WAYNE staff can help you decide which opener model is to your best advantage and then arrange for convenient and safe installation at a time that works best for you.

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